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Welcome to a salon that offers you the best of both worlds: exceptional services and a warm friendly environment.

Over 26 years of experience, Chatto's Salon is committed to innovation and creativity. Chatto believes that every individual carries their own personal style. Our mission is to enhance each individuals personal style.

Chatto welcomes clients from all races and cultures to a consultation for hair and skin care needs.

Call Chatto's Salon today to set up an appointment that will change the way you look and feel. 

Chatto Center for Natural Hair + Skin, Chicago’s Premier Eco-Friendly Salon, where a commitment to great hair and skin services along with nature collide. As a full service Eco-Friendly Salon, free of chemicals, we are committed in providing the highest quality of service using our own natural + organic products in a comfortable atmosphere that benefits both you and the environment which we live. We believe each individual has their own personal style. Our mission is to cater to each individual and enhance their personal style naturally, through our vast selection of services for all hair and skin types.

To find out more information about our Chatto Eco Friendly Salon and services please visit our website at www.chattoecofriendlysalon.com

Chatto is a natural + organic skin care and hair care company that believes each individual deserves top quality products and services that deliver the results they are looking for. What makes Chatto products unique are not only the extensive research put into creating them, but also the personal care taken with each product manufactured.

Chatto products are at the forefront of using superior natural & organic ingredients such as Shea Butter and pure cocoa harvested in West Africa, organic essential oils from North Africa, Europe, and U.S.A, combining years of expertise in healing remedies and formulas that guarantees positive results. Chatto supplies all types of 100% natural & organic hair sprays, fresheners and softeners, which suits all men and women. Products do not contain any harsh chemicals, that benefit you as well as the environment in which we live, and deliver results each individual is looking for.

So, Chatto© invites you to come experience the ancient healing properties. Remember at Chatto's: We Do Not Sell Products, We Sell RESULTS!

To find out more information about our Chatto Products please visit our website at www.chatto.com

Chatto's Salon                                                               Chatto Eco Friendly Salon

65 E. Oak St. [Gold Coast]                                         65 E. Oak St. [Gold Coast]

Chicago, IL 60611                                                           Chicago, IL 60611

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